Congrats to Li Ying and Titus on passing their QEs

Recently, two of our PhD students - LiYing and Titus - managed to successfully pass their qualifying examinations. As such, they have now been officially inducted into the department as PhD candidates and will be striving towards their respective dissertations over the next two years. 

Read more about their thoughts and feelings here.

Congrats to Chun Hui on going to Stanford for his PhD program

Chun Hui will be working with Professors Carol Dweck and Greg Walton to examine how mindsets of intelligence can foster greater diversity in career choice, uplift students from disadvantaged backgrounds, and promote equity in education.


Read more about how Chun Hui gets there and his feelings here.

We are excited to share that we have received funding of $360,035 to investigate the antecedents and outcomes of national attachment. Through a nationwide study, we will uncover how national attachment, specifically commitment, can help a nation adapt to a national crisis. By understanding how to increase national commitment, we can better mobilize citizens to tackle the challenges of current and future crises.


Looking forward to carrying out this exciting research!



Goals are desirable end states people want to maintain (e.g., staying healthy) or achieve (e.g., academic excellence).

More often than not, people pursue important goals in various intrapersonal (e.g., temptations, prior goal pursuit efforts) and interpersonal (e.g., others’ goal pursuit, social interaction) contexts. Consistent with the perspective of situated social cognition (Smith & Semin, 2004), our lab examines how the various aspects of the goal pursuit process are dynamically shaped by the relevant context.