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Yuen, Wei Lun

Graduate Student (Class of 2021)

Wei Lun was a Master's student with our lab in 2019-2021. Wei Lun aspires to be a behavioural scientist. His research interests fall within four topic areas: Intergroup relations, social and person perception, need for control, and goal pursuit. Wei Lun’s empirical work thus far generally focuses on how social and cognitive processes influence one’s beliefs and attitudes. For example, during an internship with Defence Science Organisation, he investigated the influence of social norms on prosocial behaviours. His other academic works involved proposing how construal level theory can be used to mitigate intergroup bias, as well as examining shopping behaviours through the perspective of compensatory control theory. In the near future, he seeks to understand more about the processes underlying goal pursuit – specifically about why people communicate with others on their goal pursuit process. When he is not doing research, Wei Lun likes to do a variety of sports, including basketball and badminton. Wei Lun is now pursuing his PhD at NUS Business School.

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