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Kan, Min-Yen

Associate Professor (School of Computing, National University of Singapore), Deputy Director (ALSET)

(65) 6516 1885

I'm an associate professor with research interests that span digital libraries, natural language processing and information retrieval. Specific interests include: scholarly digital libraries, definitional QA, statistical MT, text summarization, verb analysis, optimizing access to scientific literature, web crawling, and combining search and browsing user interfaces under human-computer interaction. I'm a senior member of the ACM and the IEEE, and a member of the ACL, NUS' NGS, and PREMIA. I graduated with my Ph.D. from Columbia University. Here's a link to my LinkedIn profile and my perennially outdated 1-page C.V. Please feel free to contact me about any synergies between your research interests and mine. Thank you!


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