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  • ying li

Congrats to Chun Hui on getting into Stanford's PhD program!

Chun Hui will be working with Professors Carol Dweck and Greg Walton to examine how mindsets of intelligence can foster greater diversity in career choice, uplift students from disadvantaged backgrounds, and promote equity in education.

We approached Chun Hui and asked him to share his thoughts and feelings after being accepted by Stanford. Here is what Chun Hui says.

"Thanks for the highlight! I am immensely grateful to Prof. Jia and to the many highly intelligent and wonderful folks at the SPUR lab. Getting into my dream PhD program would certainly have been impossible without their help, guidance, and social support. What I love about the lab is the constant challenge and encouragement we afford to each other as researchers. We understand each other’s goals, we offer our time and resources to those who need it more, we teach and advise each other on all things research related, and perhaps most importantly, we support each other when things don’t go according to plan. We also drink just the right amount of alcohol. "

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