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Humanities and Social Science Seed Funding

We are excited to share that we have been awarded the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) Seed Funding for 1/2021 for our project “Broader Views of Intelligence: Rethinking Our Approach to Educational Inequality”.

Our lab will collaborate with the Mindsets and Motivation lab (PI: Dr O’Keefe) at Yale-NUS to uncover a new student-centric approach to education – by broadening parents’ and students’ perception of intelligence. By holding a more inclusive view of intelligence, students can be encouraged to pursue their passions and leverage on their strengths to identify careers that they will thrive in, thereby maximizing personal work performance and well-being. In addition, orchestrating a mindset shift on a societal level can help to forge a nurturing environment for socioeconomically disadvantaged students to learn, by allowing them to realize that they possess non-academic strengths that are valuable to society.

We thank NUS for the generous support and look forward to carrying out this exciting research!

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