• ying li

SPSP 2022 Annual Convention Talk, Symposium, and Post Presentation

Our lab member, Chun Hui gave a pre-conference talk about .... In addition, he has been inviated to attend a syomposium about...

Another lab member, Titus was selected to present a poster about a novel scale which captures the various motives that an individual may have for sharing his or her goals with others in SPSP 2022. Given the important motivating effects of goal communication, Titus and his collaborators started the research by developing the Goal-Sharing Motives Scale (G-SMS), a 27-item psychometric tool that captures eight different reasons that might compel an individual to share his or her goals with others, such as to seek emotional support, to vent, and to obtain a sense of certainty. They conducted a series of 5 studies to refine the items, validate the scale, and apply it to education contexts.

Congratulations to Chun Hui and Titus!