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Urban Solutions and Sustainability Integration Fund

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

We are delighted to share that we have been awarded a Tier 1 grant of S$1,639,920.00 from the National Environment Agency (NEA), Singapore! Titled "On-Site Pilot Trial Using Anaerobic Digestion of Food Waste for Energy and Resource Recovery at East Coast Lagoon Food Village", our project will support NEA's work on improving sustainability in the community!

This project is a multi-disciplinary collaboration with the Biomimetic Materials and Systems Lab (PI: A/P Tong Yen Wah). With Lile as Co-Investigator and Team-Lead in Behavioral Intervention, our lab will be in charge of designing and implementing a field behavioral intervention in a famous hawker center in Singapore, the East Coast Lagoon Food Village. Through the intervention, we aim to change the behavior of three groups of people: the hawkers, the cleaners, and the diners, to encourage the separation of food versus non-food waste.

We thank NEA for their generous support and hope that the behavioral science insights can facilitate the functioning of the new technology in waste processing and recycling!

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